April is Sexual Assault Awarenss Month
April Events:
Tuesday April 3rd - County Proclamation of Sexual Assualt Awarenss Month
Wednesday April 4th - Town Proclamation of Sexual Assualt Awarenss Month
Thursday April 12th - Teen Push-Up Challenge at the High School
Wednesday April 25th - Denim Day 
Friday April 27th - Push-Up Challenge the Original
Denim Day Walk
Join us at noon at the Bell Tower at Lewis and Main to make the main street loop in support of victims and survivors of Sexual Assault 
* if your buisness wants to participate in Denim Day - employees pay $5 to wear jeans to work, please contact us at 970-264-1129 

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence and 
Sexual Assault 
24-Hour  Free. Confidential. Help.

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You are Not Alone...

You do not have to go through this alone. Reach out for help to a minister, counselor or Rise Above Violence Advocates. Talking with a victim advocate can help you understand your feelings.

NO ONE deserves to be abused or assaulted. You did nothing to deserve abuse. You are a victim of a violent crime. You need not feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed to ask for support.

Rise Above Violence (Rise) is a private nonprofit organization. Our primary mission is to assist victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. We work to ensure victims rights are exercised and needs met.

Through the support of grants, donations, fund-raising efforts and volunteers, Rise Above Violence provides the following services:

  • Immediate crisis intervention available 24 hours a day by an advocate trained to listen and provide support. Call day or night (970) 264-9075..
  • Court Advocate to explain the criminal justice system and assist with civil restraining orders.
  • Emergency transportation to safe shelter. Shelter provided by the SW Safehouse.
  • Advocates to assist with other community agencies and supportive organizations.
  • Information and referrals.
  • Speakers and trainers to provide community education.

If you or someone you care about has suffered from Domestic Violence
and/or Sexual Assault, call our 24-Hour Hotline
at (970) 264-9075.

We do not discriminate against those with disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age or income level.

All services are free and confidential